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The Palestinian cause is crucial for Arabs and Muslims and for everyone with an undaunted conscience:

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Mohmmad Al-Issa, the Secretary-General of the MWL, launches the visual identity of the International Commission of Jurists

Words from the heart expressed by the Ethiopian Islamic leaders in celebration of the visit of the delegation of the Muslim World League

The MWL launched historic Islamic projects, described by the Ethiopian leadership as a “symbol of solidarity” between the diverse national components of Ethiopia:

In memory of the Negus: From Addis Ababa and in the name of the Muslim World League, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Issa announces the establishment of the Negus Mosque in Ethiopia

"The establishment and care given to the MWL are among the boons of Saudi Arabia which it has gifted to the Islamic World."

Highlights from the visit of His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Issa, Secretary-General of the MWL and Chairman of the Organization of Muslim Scholars, to the Republic of India:

Statements and positive feedback from the leaders of the most important Indian institutions about the historic visit of the Muslim World League delegation⁩

Moments from Sheikh Dr. Al-Issa’s Friday sermon at the historic mosque