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Biography of His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa, Secretary General of the Muslim World League

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The Centre for Responsible Leadership, a partnership between the Muslim World League and the World Council for Religious Leaders hosted the inaugural Responsible Leaders Summit

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Dr. Al-Issa meets evangelical leaders in the United States in three main cities which are most populated and has global influence.

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Dr. Al-Issa is the guest of honor of the International Religions Forum in three US states, under the motto: “Unlikely Allies building flourishing communities.”

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Quotations from the words of Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa

Beyond the testy politics, however, Islamic religious leaders are speaking in greater unison than ever before. The message we are advancing is one of moderate Islam, and the promotion of peace, tolerance and love. We must put aside our differences and embrace our religious and cultural diversity.  As the Charter of Mecca instructs us, we must build cultural and religious ties among each other, deepen understanding between different communities, construct civilized partnerships, stand arm-in-arm against hatred and declare now and forevermore that every culture is a reflection of God's will, with an inviolable right to exist.


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“Unity of the word and the strength of the Ummah”.

To strengthen our brotherhood and ward off evil, His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Issa

Diversity is not just a matter of East and West; it exists within each of them as well

“It provides a roadmap that corrects the course of intellectual literature and Fiqh literature.”