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in Riyadh, hosted by MWL in the presence of several Muslim scholars and religious leaders around the world: Faiths For Peace

From the speech of His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa in the Forum on Common Values Among Religious Followers in Riyadh: Faiths For Peace

“Muslim societies are the ones that apply the morals of Islam.”

The sublime contents of the “Makkah Charter” brought together - for the first time - representatives of millions of Muslim

Global Faith Forum 2022: Exceptional participation from the Muslim World League

Dr. Mohammad Alissa launched the "Forum of Islamic Leaders in North and South America,”

Dr. Mohammad Alissa delivering Friday Prayer sermon at the Grand Mosque of the Islamic Center in the kingdom of Thailand:

H.E. Dr. Mohammad Alissa gave a lecture at the Central Islamic Council of Thailand entitled: “Religious Tolerance and Building Bridges.”

Scenes from the meetings of H.E. Dr. MohammadAlissa with Her Excellency Mariya Didi, the Maldivian Minister of Defense, and H.E. Ahmed Khalil