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HE Dr. Mohammad Alissa was awarded the 2021 International Bridge Builder Award at the Oslo Opera House

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Al-Issa hosted by the heads of major international organizations in Geneva:

A Muslim should be intellectual and curious' according to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Do not confuse similarities and try to enforce your beliefs on others. We mus respect different religions and belief systems." HE Dr. MohammadAlissa

Surprises! Disasters beyond human control, threat to humans, mind boggling moments

"The truth of faith and religion is the same, it does not change..."

"In Islam, Mercy is like the lungs by which life can breathe, it's the beauty & magnificence of this religion.

"Labeling & excluding people occur simultaneously.

"It is said that the secret blessing of being generous & charitable is not about what you give, but it is about the feeling that you are becoming a better person by giving to those in need."