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Baghdadi’s death is a huge loss for ISIS and an historical event for the United States and its endeavors in counterterrorism.

30th October 2019

We tell Muslims in non-Muslim countries to respect the constitutions of the countries where they live and likewise the culture. You have to show compassion and respect for others who hold non-Muslim beliefs.

22nd October 2019

Beyond the testy politics, however, Islamic religious leaders are speaking in greater unison than ever before. The message we are advancing is one of moderate Islam, and the promotion of peace, tolerance and love.


We must put aside our differences and embrace our religious and cultural diversity.


As the Charter of Mecca instructs us, we must build cultural and religious ties among each other, deepen understanding between different communities, construct civilized partnerships, stand arm-in-arm against hatred and declare now and forevermore that every culture is a reflection of God's will, with an inviolable right to exist.

10th July 2019

People of all faiths must come to appreciate common human values.


It is very important to understand and appreciate both religious diversity as well as the many common values among the religion.


As I said to Cardinal Dolan in New York, whose meeting followed my first ever trip to the Vatican in 2017, our goal is to show “how much there is that unites us and to reject the messages of those who divide us.


A guiding principle in Ramadan is the practice of thawab — that is, the necessity of performing good deeds with awareness that these are “being watched” by God. It is my sincere desire that as we continue to bridge our common human values at a level never seen before in history, through an open and honest dialogue among the world faith, such deeds and God’s watchfulness of them will secure, at last, peaceful results for all humanity.

03rd June 2019

Houses of worship must be sanctuaries of peace.

17th May 2019

By paying my respects to the victims of Auschwitz, I will encourage Muslims and non-Muslims to embrace mutual respect, understanding and diversity.

30th April 2019

We as Muslims must confront the problem from within, and see how our attitudes or behavior contributes to misunderstanding. This is not to say Muslims are culpable, but that we share a responsibility to make things better.


We can teach our children religion without isolating them from their communities, or erecting psychological walls between them and the majority.

10th April 2019

True Muslims respect the Jewish religion. Muslims recognize the right of Jews to live in dignity. And that applies to all nations in the Middle East, whose existence is a fact and whose co-existence must be fostered.


Responsible leadership is not just about interfaith understanding.


It should color everything we do. It extends to how we conduct ourselves in politics, business, our communities and our homes.

30th January 2019

I urge all Muslims to learn the history of the Holocaust, to visit memorials and museums to this horrific event, and to teach its lessons to their children.

25th January 2019