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We as Muslims strongly condemn and feel strong pain over the crimes committed against humanity in general and against religions in particular and especially against ethnicities.

24th January 2020

To be here, among the children of Holocaust survivors and members of the Jewish and Islamic communities, is both a sacred duty and a profound honor.

23rd January 2020

I urge all Muslims to learn the history of the Holocaust, to visit memorials and museums to this horrific event.

19th January 2020

We, in the Muslim World League, pride ourselves to be the guardians of faith and Sharia.


We start with the principles we believe in. That is to promote peace among followers of religions. We deal with Judaism as a religion, the way we deal with Christianity.

07th January 2020

In our religion the meanings of difference prevail, to be replaced by appreciation and respect for all human beings.


We interact with non-Muslims in the spirit of humanity and good manners, which are the foundations of our true Islamic religion.

04th January 2020

Religion is one of the most important pillars to the solution. By virtue of its appreciation by the public conscience, its discourse and that of the educational curricula in the world, it musters great influence.


To remove the negative image that some people have - especially the West - about Islam, and that Muslims appreciate the reality of their religion, which loves, tolerates and coexist with all.

02nd January 2020

Education, particularly of our youth, and building bridges of understanding are key to battling terrorism and extremism.


We know the need has not decreased and we are eager to see the number of admittances rise again.

09th November 2019

We are blessed to enjoy warm, personal relationships with leaders of many faiths, including in the Muslim community, and are grateful when we can work together on efforts that promote peace, kindness and caring for others.


All people, regardless of their different ethnicities, races and nationalities, are equal under God.

07th November 2019

While the centers of Islam and the Church of Jesus Christ sit on opposite sides of the world, the values that bring our communities together could not be closer.


For each of us, family is the foundation of religious and cultural life. No priority supersedes the education of our future generations.

06th November 2019