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Based on the importance of grasping and understanding the constitutional, legal and cultural differences, it is difficult to assign a single rule, and then tell everyone this is what comprehensive citizenship means, and everything else is beyond its context

06th December 2021

Comprehensive citizenship is a national aim and a global purpose that requires identifying all its details, including taking into account its constitutional and legal differences based on the sovereign right within its positive logic within the legislation and culture of each country. All must abide by the respect of the laws, principles, international norms and common human values

06th December 2021

Those in the arts, media and entertainment — Muslim and otherwise — who are eager and able to help Muslims tell their stories should share their voices.


Representation can change how Muslims are understood, softening hearts and changing minds. This, in turn, can transform Muslims from enemies and strangers to colleagues and neighbors.

26th June 2021

The environmental movement must acknowledge and include people of faith—and faith itself—in its discourse. In fact, regard for nature, and our responsibilities towards it, are fundamental to Islam.


All this, we hope, will turn the empirical facts of climate change into a moral narrative capable of leveraging the deeply held values that influence behavior for people across the Muslim world.


We may articulate our reasons differently, but our goal is the same: to develop the partnerships and relationships that will protect and restore our precious planet.

11th May 2021

By leveraging Ramadan’s values of welfare and service to the wider community within the context of tackling COVID disinformation, the results, across the Islamic world and the globe, could be immeasurable.

10th May 2021

I speak of my feelings and those of the scholars, Islamic thinkers and Islamic peoples who are part of our organization: we resented those caricatures and strongly condemned them. They represent only those who made them and their supporters.


In addition to being a place of worship, the mosque should be an active part of society in terms of improving its harmony and its national fabric.

12th November 2020

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic should have taught all of us — Muslim and non-Muslim, American and non-American — it is that we all bear responsibility for the protection of one another.


As a rapidly expanding demographic, I continue to be impressed to see the growing ranks of Muslim Americans assuming leadership positions across all sectors of U.S. life.

02nd September 2020

Urgent issues of worship, civil status and transactions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic obliged the Sharia campaign to confront them by holding an extraordinary forum that brought together academic bodies, jurisprudence councils, and the nation’s senior scholars; lest they remain unanswered and mystifying.

20th July 2020

We will stand steadfast with our brothers from the Jewish, Christian and other faiths to defend our shared values, cooperate in serving humanity, spread peace and harmony among all, and fight all forms of hatred.

20th June 2020