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It is a testament to the strong ideals of the American Jewish Committee that you speak out as strongly against those who wish to sow division and proliferate Islamophobia as you do against those who promote antisemitism.

14th June 2020

Political outlooks change over time but our values, our morals should never change.

11th June 2020

We in the Muslim World League are proud to be shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish brothers and sisters to build understanding, respect, love and interreligious harmony.

10th June 2020

The Qur’an instructed Muslims to be righteous and benevolent to non-Muslims as long as they are peaceful and do not attack you or fight you.


We, as Muslims, respect, love, understand, cooperate, coexist and tolerate everyone. Our historically documented and verified actions demonstrate this, and in the Muslim World League we have played a major role in this aspect, pursuant to our Islamic values.

23rd May 2020

We try to lead by example, and show that we are all in this together, and we should be extending the bridges of support and assistance to all in need.

29th March 2020

Educational curricula in their first grades must establish the belief in the inevitability of diversity and plurality in our world in an interactive manner ... Yet - within its positive context - it represents an enrichment for humanity that will boost its prosperity and unity.

18th February 2020

The meaning of our human brotherhood is a sure bet to remove obstacles, narrow gaps, extend bridges, and strengthens our resolve to act on our human commonalities which constitute   natural law.

06th February 2020

Words are important, but insufficient. The ultimate test is action.


Visiting Auschwitz is an important education for anyone who wants to build a better world.

28th January 2020

We sympathize with our Jewish brethren and stand with them, just as we stand with all true lovers of peace, justice and goodness in our world.

26th January 2020